Monday, October 31, 2011

RES Automation Manager 2012

RES Automation Manager 2012 enhances existing capabilities with the following:

Cross platform support (including Red Hat & SuSE)
Take all your existing management scripts, copy & paste them into controlled and secure modules. Can be included in RunBooks to make changes in multi-tenant systems & services. 
New Linux Tasks:

  • Execute Command
  • Reboot
  • Shutdown
  • Download Resource

Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager integration

Utilize the Automation Manager Self Service Portal to install applications through collections in ConfigMgr. You can also query the ConfigMgr client status (version, available services, cache options etc).

Scalability and performance improvements, including native 64-bit support
Unlimited scalability through the new Dispatcher+. Previous recommended limit per Dispatcher was 150 CCA (concurrent agents). This limit has been removed.

Launch window support
Control when jobs can be launched on systems to prevent changes during business hours. This can be overruled in the delegation model (for emergency maintenance).

Agent, Team and evaluator relationship enhancements
Allows for running queries and then automatically perform an action based on the outcome.
Evaluators now included:

  • =
  • >
  • <
  • <=
  • >=
  • <>
  • LIKE 

Enhanced support for evaluators in the following queries:

  • Query AD Computer
  • Query AD Group
  • Query AD Object
  • Query AD Organizational Unit
  • Query AD User
  • Query Computer Properties
  • Query Disk Space
  • Query Installed Programs
  • Query Service Properties
  • Query TCP/IP Properties

New Task: Change Team Membership
Add or remove agents from teams directly in a task.

New Global Setting: Default Schedule
To have an additional safe net the default scheduling can be changed from Scheduled to On Hold. This also applies to rescheduled jobs.

Job Scheduling
The option to schedule offline agents at next boot is enhanced with; or when Agent is resumed after hibernate, sleep or standby. this is very useful for managing laptops.

RunBook Scheduling
The option to use RunBook parameter has been enhanced with the following;

  • to select Agents on computer name
  • to select Agents on active Console user
  • to select Agents on last Console user
  • to select most recent Agent on last Console User

Global Variables
When configuring a Task, the values of many fields can now optionally be replaced with Variables. Similar to parameters, Variables function as placeholders for customer-specific values, such as, server names, passwords or credentials. Different from parameters however, Variables are resolved at the moment of Job execution, rather than at the moment of Job scheduling.

Plus many additional enhancements.


Friday, October 21, 2011

Citrix Synergy 2011 Barcelona

Citrix Synergy 2011 in Barcelona is just around the corner. RES Software will be exhibiting as usual and will be there with more people than ever.

Make sure you stop by to get the latest and greatest on the RES Software great offerings.

You probably heard of RES Workspace Manager 2011 Express being launched this Wednesday. Now you have a possibility to see it in action at the booth (#200).

We will also make another announcement that you do not want to miss.

There will be presentations and live training courses available to attend at the booth.

Attend the following session;

Delivering ITaaS today with Citrix Technology (SYN603)

Geek Speak Live! Panel Session: Desktop Transformation - thinking outside of the out-of-box scenario

Geek Speak Live! Panel Session: User Profiles smackdown (SYN507)

Citrix: It's all about me! Desktop personalisation and user profiles (SYN317)

Intel Corporation: Intelligent Desktop Virtualization helps optimize your deployment (SYN602)

These are the great technical people you can meet at our booth and in sessions:

  • Bob Janssen - CTO and co-founder of RES Software, The Netherlands
  • Bob de Kousemaeker - Product Manager, The Netherlands
  • Grant Tiller - Product Manager, United Kingdom
  • Eddie van Ravesteijn - Presales Director, The Netherlands
  • Arie Joosse - Presales, The Netherlands
  • Haakon Flender - Presales, Norway
  • Frode Kipperberg - Solution Engineer, Norway
  • Adam Stockley - Presales, United Kingdom
  • Alexander Sebestian - Presales, Germany
  • Sean Donahue - Senior Deirector, Global Alliances, US
  • Jeff Wettlaufer - Senior Director, Global Product Marketing, US

And many many more....Oh and I will be there as well!

This is where you will find us:


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

RES Workspace Manager - NOW FOR FREE!


First, why should you even bother about this free version?

If you already find it very easy to manage what the user gets on their desktop and why, you probably already have Workpace Manager installed :-) If not, you need it to prepare for any future changes and to be able to deliver IT as a Service.  Feel free to take a look at any of my previous blogs and videos about User Workspace Management.

What can it do for you?

The management of your users will be greatly simplified! You can migrate existing desktops into managed workspaces with minimal impact. I urge you to use RES Baseline Desktop Analyzer to quickly get from current state to desired state. RES BDA is also for FREE!

You will get context aware desktops. How about;

  • Follow me printing
  • Follow me shares
  • Follow me applications
  • Follow me configuration
  • Follow me user settings

The users will be happier with a profile solution that really works! Easily switch between Windows XP and Windows 7 or even Windows 8 without loosing personal settings.


You will get:

  • The leading profile management solution for free
  • A replacement for group policies
  • A replacement for login/logout scripts


Note: The free version is of course limited in its functionality. But be amazed over what you actually get for free...

There is absolutely NO EXCUSE anymore for creating complex group policies or managing insanely long login scripts. You do not even have to bother about user profiles!

Download your free version here NOW and take the first step towards nirvana.

Oh...did I mention that it is for FREE? And the context awareness? No? is free AND context aware :-)