Friday, May 25, 2012

Intelligent Automation Out-of-the-box

Ever bought a solution that you thought would help you do more with less? Did it disappoint you? If  so please pay close attention to what I hope will be one of the most gratifying experiences in your professional life!

What if you could, for once, purchase a tool that is easy to use and is actually designed to get the job done?

I've seen many tools that looks shiny on the outside but when you open the can it is not what you've expected. You think you've purchased a conveyor belt with robots - a fully automated solution with little to no human interaction?

But what you actually got was, indeed an conveyor belt, but you still have to assign a lot of people getting things done! Not very efficient!

Well, here's a solution to the problem: RES Automation Manager.

RES Automation Manager is designed to get things done! It is easy to use, has a very lightweight and easy to deploy infrastructure that works seamlessly in multi-tenant environments. It has extensive built-in knowledge and requires little training to use. A complete list of all the built-in tasks can be downloaded here.

With RES Automation Manager you can encapsulate your administrators change knowledge in secure, effective modules or runbooks. The modules or runbooks can easily be delegated to people with no IT skills and no administrative access to any system but still allowing them to perform advanced, controlled and audited changes. Some of the changes might be suitable to offer as services through an Enterprise Service Store - Service Orchestration.

Nowadays vendors offer a scripting interface such as PowerShell into most of their products. This is great but requires advanced skills to manage and maintain. The scripts will also often be custom made for a specific task. With the use of Parameters you can make changes reusable. Parameters can even be used within scripts. When a script is executed (by people with no administrative access or script knowledge) they will be asked to input custom data into a locked down script. RES Automation Manager will execute the script locally where needed and the change is controlled by the administrator.

If you the also work with change management best practices you have different environments for developing and testing your changes. How do you easily move the settings from one environment to another? RES Automation Manager offers building block technology that allows easy move of modules or runbooks from one environment to another.

How about documenting changes? Is this always done? Are scripters documenting their scripts in a consistent way? All of them? All the time? In RES Automation Manager everything is automatically documented, all the time, consistent...

And what if you manage more than one customer or multiple Active Directories? No problem! RES Automation Manager is Windows Domain independent and proven to work in very large and complex networking infrastructures.

Have a look at one of the videos I've created on how to use RES Automation Manager.

And when you're done watching, download a trial of the software here:


Monday, January 16, 2012

Bright, Brighter & Brightest

I just returned from RES Software yearly Sales Kick Off in Amsterdam and I feel more energized than ever!

It is fantastic to work at a company that provides completely unique solutions to the market that will help organisations meet both current and future demands like BYOx and coIT. No other vendor can do this! We also have great leadership in Bob Janssen, CTO and co-founder. A true thought leader.

In short here's the recap:


It is going to be an awesome 2012!


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

How to reduce Firefox profile size with RES Workspace Manager

My colleague Musa Cakar at RES Software has created an article on how to reduce the profile size in Mozilla Firefox with the help of Workspace Manager.

You'll find Musa's article here.